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What is Granite?

Hi and welcome to our site!

So what is Granite? Granite is a starting template for the Kentico 11 CMS product. It does require you have an existing Kentico license or plan to purchase one and some understanding of Kentico would be useful but not essential. More information on Kentico can be found here.

Granite is a Bootstrap, SASS (similar to LESS) framework template, it utilizes jQuery and many other popular free utilities and we have created over a dozen components similar to what we frequently get asked to build for our clients and turned it into a product for others..

The entire site is responsive, which means it looks just as good on a mobile or tablet as it does on a large desktop screen. Our developers and designers are highly skilled at doing this and the end result is perfect.

For developers, you can use the setup as a great starting point (saving you 3-4 days of setup and configuration) as well as over 30 days for these new components. These components also showcase best practice for developing and extending Kentico as well as give your clients usable tools for a high end marketing website. Then extend the product to your clients precise requirements in record time. This framework is not MVC, if you would prefer to use an MVC  framework we will have to defer you elsewhere.

For non-developers, use this framework to create a beatufiul and functioning website using the components we provide here. If you do need any customisation you can ask us or someone else in the Kentico community to extend or host the product..

That's it! This entire site is the end product, so take a test drive and see if you like it. When you do go to create your own site, you can change every piece of content, text, icons, images and you can change the order and number of items on one page. You could create a page that theoritically just keeps scrolling for days, or you can create simple page with very little on it.

Brett Andrew

Director / Enterprise Architect


Kentico 11


Based on the 2018 release of Kentico 11.
We have done all the hard work for you over the summer break so you can get your corporate website project fast-tracked. Works on all versions of Kentico 11 (free, base, ultimate, EMS).



Add a class to any object to have it fade in on scroll like thee boxes.

Modern Web Design


Handcrafted with Bootsrap, SASS and jQuery. Your out of the box enterprise website is just waiting for your content.

Want more from your CMS?

When you purchase a CMS you need to spend a lot of time configuring it, buy this template and skip that part and go straight to content writing.