Purchase instructions
1. Fill our a purchase request.
2, We will send you a purchase order within 24 hours to pay.
3. Once payment is confirmed we will send you a download pack.

A download pack includes the instructions to download the entire Granite Kentico site and a copy of a SQL Database .bak file.

You get access to all future fixes and changes to the Granite website, we expect to continue to add components on a monthly basis. Any issues or bug fixes to existing components will be available also.
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Icon Card

This is an icon card. You can choose from 929 icons and pick any colour for your icon and for your background. Making all your content more accessible.

Award Winning

Created by an award winning company


Amazing modern search features

Modern Web Design


Handcrafted with Bootsrap, SASS and jQuery. Your out of the box enterprise website is just waiting for your content.

Kentico 11


Based on the 2018 release of Kentico 11.
We have done all the hard work for you over the summer break so you can get your corporate website project fast-tracked. Works on all versions of Kentico 11 (free, base, ultimate, EMS).



Add a class to any object to have it fade in on scroll like thee boxes.